The building is complete

So after a few years of work and lots of help from many people the school building is now completed. This has been a journey and a half which I would recommend to anyone to have a go themselves. I can’t thank enough the support you all have given and help towards this project.

There is still some work to do. Furniture and fittings to be still required but I was told that 18 desks have been shipped out by a lady from Warrington this week. Specsavers are donating pens, books and other equipment. I will let people know in the near future how they can donate towards this also.

The school will require funds to run so later this year we are holding a fund raising event in Nottingham (RAVE hehehe) to put money towards this. All the DJs have donated parts of their fee towards this cause, so watch out for this one. Gona be a big JAM!!!

So its not over yet but a school, water well, fields for crops, fencing and toilets have been provided for the village of Jamwelly Jallow Kunda in The Gambia.

The children now have a place to start their education and have a safe place to grow their minds. Pushing each other and building a better future from themselves.

And as I say its not over yet more to be done and I feel I will be with your help doing this again sometime.

Thanks again Joe Nebula2

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