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Thanks from Foundation helping raise £500

So to start a BIG thanks to every single person involved from the DJ’s, MC’s, Ravers, Club Staff and Facebook spammers.

A good night as it was a success and money was raised for the school. In total we made £420 but I’m rounding that up to £500. Nice figure that!

Vibes were definitely inside and our own Nottingham Crew smashed the place up in the best possible way. We have always had a good scene here and it showed. SUPPORT MORE!

The first bit of money will go towards sending the items donated by spec savers a month back. This is a bundle of pens paper and class room stationary. There maybe room left for more items so I will let you know in due course.

I will be speaking with the guys on the ground in Gambia to discuss where the bulk of the money will be spent and I will update you on this progress.

So pat yourself on the back if you can, or get someone else to as you all have made a big difference and you should feel proud of that fact. But it don’t stop here however lots more to be done.

SO we will be holding another event in 2017 at some point and Im thinking of helping something local also (Ideas would be good) But this is the way forward I feel. Partying, Smiling, Dancing and Providing!

Again a massive thanks to all who helped make this event a successes which is everyone!

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