The children of Jamwelly Jallow Kunda

Help sending equipment to Gambia

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Over the past few years together YOU have help build a school in the village of Jamwelly Jallow Kunda in Gambia Africa. Your help has provided a safe place for the children to learn & for their parents to have some piece of mind their own children are getting educated for their futures.

We have been offered help in send a shipping container full of extra equipment to the school. This container with the help of NPAC (Nottinghamshire Police Aid Convoys) will be sent over the summer and take around 2 months to arrive.
EVERY penny raised will go directly to the Sunshine School & Nursery. Items will be sent from UK by shipping container and any remaining money will go towards paying for the teachers, school meals and uniforms/clothing.

We know times are hard so we only ask if you can donate £1

If you can donate more please do if you can afford it?

If you have any questions please get in touch and we will get back.

We thank you all in advance for your continuing help and support with our futures.

From the children of  Jamwelly Jallow Kunda

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