Back2You Education was formed out of the Back2You Remix Project. We are a non for profit organisation aiming to provide education through music and creative arts. We aim to support people who need it wherever they are. It is hard work and we know this but it needs to be done.

Original members Joachim Shotter, Rhyan Fretwell and Gus Lawrence ran the Back2You Remix projects, one of the first remix completions on-line for over 4 years. Starting off with remixes from the legendary Reinforced Records the remix projects featured completions from Dizzee Rascal, Blame, D:Ream and a music master class tour with Rizla & MJ Cole.

The education arm came when B2Y were invited to speak about the music industry and prospects within it at Access to Music in Lincoln. After this initial conference B2Y were asked to tour all their colleges around the country. Industry guests speakers such as Bailey of then BBC Radio1 and DJ Krust to speak about their own experiences with music.

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Education for all

Building a school in Gambia